Emory Williams



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Emory Williams is a cofounder (1978) and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR). As the Chair, Mr. Williams is responsible for the overall policy and financial operation and stability of the company. He is integrally involved in the resolution of short- and long-term management and policy issues, as well as the provision of technical and other IIR services. He served as CEO of IIR until 2003.

From 1955 to 1977, Mr. Williams was a career law enforcement official serving in various law enforcement capacities, including extensive work in homicide, organized crime, narcotics, intelligence investigations, and criminal investigations management.

Mr. Williams ended his public law enforcement career as Director of Law Enforcement, Florida Department of Law Enforcement. He also served as Director of the Florida Crime Information Center, a major state communications and criminal justice information facility directly servicing state, county, and city criminal justice agencies.

Mr. Williams holds a bachelor of science degree in criminal justice management from Florida International University. He is also a graduate of the 83rd Session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy.