Technology, Multimedia, and E-Learning

A majority of the projects we undertake involve technology, multimedia, or E-Learning as part of the solution. Our program staff members collaborate with our in-house multimedia and information technology experts. IIR strives to keep abreast of the latest technology and design techniques to develop products and ensure the most effective delivery of information available.

Our ability to remain flexible yet focused has been a key component of our success.

  • Design and Development
    E-Learning solutions, such as online training and Webinars, mobile apps, high-quality multimedia print materials, databases, networks, and communications systems.
  • Hosting, Maintenance, and Enhancement
    Web sites and training solutions on our in-house learning management systems, utilizing IIR’s secure, high-availability computing infrastructure.
  • Data Management
    Storage, integration, and retrieval of data from internally managed databases as well as external sources.
  • Utilization
    Offering applied expertise in XML, NIEM, Web Services, portal development, network management, infrastructure, and security.
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applying technology

We address business problems with intelligence. We use contemporary technology and progressive thinking to bring brands to life.


    Assessing your needs and applying our skills to provide comprehensive, yet cost-effective solutions.


    Imagining solutions that reflect the unique needs of the client.


    Providing clear and concise layout and content to streamline the customer’s experience.


    Providing frequent communication and structure throughout the development process, ensuring timeliness and quality.