Gina Hartsfield

President and Chief Executive Officer

Picture of Gina Hartsfield

Gina Hartsfield is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) and serves on the IIR Board of Trustees. As CEO, Ms. Hartsfield leverages her experience, corporate knowledge, trusted relationships, and collaborative style of leadership to maximize IIR’s strengths, enhance its flexibility, and adapt to changes that impact its work and its clients. She is integrally involved in strategic planning, program oversight, client relations, and policy direction and implementation.

Ms. Hartsfield has served the criminal justice community for more than three decades. With an emphasis on partnerships, communication, and service, Ms. Hartsfield has a proven ability to help identify and solve problems, create a shared vision, and establish strategic goals and objectives for projects and organizations.

In addition, Ms. Hartsfield’s experience includes working with law enforcement leaders on strategic initiatives that advance best practices in policing in the areas of violent crime reduction, officer safety and resiliency, information sharing, investigations management, and risk mitigation. Ms. Hartsfield possesses extensive experience in leading a wide range of complex, national-level technical assistance initiatives designed for state, local, and tribal criminal justice entities.

Prior to her appointment as President and CEO, Ms. Hartsfield served as IIR’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). While serving as COO, Ms. Hartsfield directed the Learning and Development and Criminal Justice Initiatives sections, including the Office of Applied Research and the Office of Law Enforcement Advisement and Coordination, enabling her to develop and guide new projects for IIR while remaining focused on current issues and trends within the law enforcement community.

During her career with IIR, Ms. Hartsfield has contributed to each of the company’s diverse components. Her comprehensive knowledge and collaborative approach enable her to effectively lead her team in achieving IIR’s mission. Her responsibilities and contributions are also evident in the administrative, personnel, and financial aspects of IIR.

Ms. Hartsfield has been integrally involved in guiding assessment and evaluation efforts, developing strategic approaches, ensuring transparent communications and collaboration, managing and implementing policy, and providing training and technical assistance development and delivery oversight.

Prior to joining IIR in 1986, Ms. Hartsfield served on the research and development team with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Ms. Hartsfield holds a bachelor of science degree in criminology from Florida State University.