About IIR

The Institute for Intergovernmental Research (IIR) is a Florida-based nonprofit corporation specializing in criminal justice (law enforcement focus) and homeland security issues.

IIR has a proven history of promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness among local, state, tribal, and federal criminal justice agencies through customized services. IIR is a highly experienced team of professionals equipped with the knowledge and ability to respond to the needs of justice agencies.

Our guiding principles

  • Mission

    Creating and delivering dynamic solutions for our criminal justice partners and communities

  • Vision

    Answering today's challenges with tomorrow's solutions

  • Values

    Integrity, Innovation, Relationships

Our Approach

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    Knowing is not enough. We strive to understand all aspects of our internal and external efforts.

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    We act swiftly with energy, quality, and passion in all that we do.

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    We leverage and utilize all available resources, with an emphasis on the knowledge, skills, and expertise of our employees.