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  • Anti-Human Trafficking

    Develop products and resources to assist agencies in understanding and combating labor trafficking.

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  • Anti-Terrorism

    Develop and deliver training to law enforcement agencies to prevent, disrupt, respond to, analyze, and investigate acts of terrorism.

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  • Community Violence Intervention

    Develop and provide training, technical assistance, and resources to stakeholders, including community leaders, local government, law enforcement, and service providers, on comprehensive community-based strategies to build trust, address violence, and implement evidence-based practices for community violence intervention.  

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  • Criminal Justice Information and Criminal Intelligence Sharing

    Develop policy templates, guidance resources, and other tools to increase information and intelligence development and sharing across the criminal justice community.  

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  • Gang Prevention, Intervention, and Crime Reduction

    Develop and disseminate training, information, knowledge, and outcome‐driven practices to local communities with chronic and emerging gang problems to create comprehensive solutions to prevent gang violence, reduce gang involvement, and suppress gang‐related crime.

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  • Homeland Security

    Develop training and other resources to assist law enforcement and homeland security agencies in developing and enhancing homeland security efforts and operations, including anti-terrorism efforts.

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  • Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness

    Develop and provide training, technical assistance, and resources to law enforcement agencies, staff, and families to raise awareness, smash the stigma, and reduce and prevent law enforcement suicide.

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  • Officer Safety And Wellness

    Provide training and resources to law enforcement to prevent injuries to and deaths of law enforcement officers and the people they serve and improve the health and resilience of officers.

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  • Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse

    Support state, local, and tribal responses to illicit substance use and misuse in order to reduce overdose deaths, promote public safety, and support access to treatment and recovery services in the criminal justice system.

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  • Sex Offender Registration

    Assist agencies in the implementation of federal sex offender management guidelines.

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  • Task Force Operations

    Provide training to increase the effectiveness of state, local, and tribal law enforcement in the management of multijurisdictional task force operations.

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  • Victim Services

    Support law enforcement agencies and other justice partners in enhancing services to victims of crime.

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  • Violence Reduction

    Support state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies, officers, and prosecutors in the investigation, prosecution, and deterrence of violent crime, especially crime related to gun violence, gangs, and drug trafficking.

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