This Notice sets out how we may collect and use personal information and the choices and rights available to you in connection with our use of your personal information.

PII—As used in this Notice, PII refers to “personally identifiable information,” “your information,” and any information that can be used to distinguish or trace an individual’s identity, either alone or when combined with other information that is linked or linkable to a specific individual.

PII that you have provided ceases to be PII if we anonymize and/or aggregate it. “Anonymizing” means that we have stripped your PII from the data you have provided. Data aggregation is a type of data and information processing in which information you have provided is searched, gathered, and utilized in summary form as part of a grouping of data, usually for purposes of statistical analysis, without your personal identity being attached to it. This policy does not apply to information in an anonymized and/or aggregated form. Data aggregation is utilized by IIR for purposes such as preparing reports or providing statistics to examine trends, make comparisons, or reveal information and insights that would not otherwise be observable when the data is viewed in isolation. For example, IIR might produce a report for its client indicating the percentage of participants in a webinar having work experience exceeding ten years. Participants matching that category are not identified by name or other PII.

This Notice describes our practices when using your PII after you:

  • Express an interest in or have signed up for our events or products, including newsletters, apps, and webinars.
  • Attend an IIR event.
  • Visit our websites (including our public website and member-based websites) or our social media sites or utilize our applications.

IIR performs services on behalf of federal agencies or other third parties (clients). Events, products, apps, webinars, and websites developed or managed by IIR may be on behalf of these clients.

This Notice also applies to PII that we may collect from you via any assessment or diagnostic tool. Should the terms of any such assessment or diagnostic tool’s confidentiality notice utilize your PII in a manner not described in this Notice, the assessment- or diagnostic-specific confidentiality terms will take precedence over the terms in this Notice and you will be asked to approve the additional use.

This Notice will apply whether you have provided the PII directly to us or we have obtained it from a different source, such as a third party.